First off you choose your level of granularity. By default, campaign is selected.

For example: 

  • Selecting all of the "Level" check boxes means that you will get both Campaign + Ad Set as well as Ads into Funnel. 
  • Selecting Campaign will only give you Campaign level data.
  • Selecting Campaign and Ad will not give you Ad sets.


Breakdowns refer to the breakdown found in the Ads Manager interface.

We've selected a few of these that we know are compatible with each other. These are:

Not finding a breakdown you are interested in? Please contact support. We're interested in your use case!

Note: When selecting a breakdown, make sure it's compatible with your ad account. Example: Product ID only works with DPA Ads. If you select it when connecting an account not using DPA Ads, reports from Facebook will be empty, and you won't be able to see your data in Funnel. 

Attribution settings

Our connector downloads metrics based on attribution setting of your choice. By default, Facebook picks 28 Day Click and 1 Day View (Bottom right in the picture).

If you're looking to view your data with different Attribution window models or breakdowns, please create an additional source of the same configuration but with your desired attribution windows or breakdown settings.
doing this will give you multiple costs/clicks/impressions. Be careful when you're summarising. 

Ad/Creative settings

It's possible to download the link/URL of the creative. Tick the link checkbox and a link dimension will be added in your account.

Maximum values

We currently have a limit on the size of values we handle. If a metric value for a row is larger than:

  • 9.2 * 10^18 for regular values
  • 9.2 * 10^12 for monetary values

That value is set to 0.

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