In April 2018 we released a new connector for pulling Facebook advertising data called Facebook Ads which has a lot more capabilities than its predecessor in terms of what data it pulls.

The old connector has been renamed Facebook (legacy) and will be shut down over time, in favor of the new connector. You can see the timeline for this at the end of this article. When the old connector is shut down it will no longer download data, which means that in order to keep using Facebook advertising data in Funnel you need to create new data sources using the new connector. If your old Facebook sources have data going back further than two years you're welcome to reach out to us and we'll configure your new sources to accommodate for the historical data.

This change will not happen immediately, however, and we're holding off with shutting down Facebook (legacy) for a few months in order to provide time to make the transition. In the meantime there will be two connectors in Funnel for pulling Facebook advertising data:

To make the transition from the Facebook (legacy) connector to the Facebook Ads connector easier, we have compiled a list of all changes from the old connector to the new one. If you're unsure of which connector you're currently using, you can check its type in the list of data sources in your Funnel account:

Differences between the old and the new Facebook connector

The main difference between the two connectors is that the Facebook Ads connector is capable of pulling data segmented in a lot more ways than the Facebook (legacy) connector, which was limited to Date and Campaign. There are also some fields that are removed in the new connector, a few differences in how some metrics are named and more options to control how attribution settings for conversion metrics work. 

Field changes

Fields in Facebook (legacy) that are not available in Facebook Ads as they have no corresponding field in the Facebook Ads Manager reporting interface:

- [Metric] App store clicks
- [Metric] Clicks to play video
- [Metric] Complete Video Views (-> Video watches at 100%?)
- [Metric] Cost per Offer claim
- [Metric] Cost per Gift sale
- [Metric] Cost per Post like
- [Metric] Cost per Question answer
- [Metric] Cost per Question follow
- [Metric] Cost per Website Conversion
- [Metric] Deeplink clicks
- [Metric] Gift sales
- [Metric] Gift sales conversion value
- [Metric] Inline link clicks
- [Metric] Inline post engagement
- [Metric] Post likes
- [Metric] Question answers
- [Metric] Question follows
- [Metric] Unlikes
- [Metric] Website action value (All)
- [Metric] Website clicks
- [Metric] 15-Second Video Views

Fields in Facebook (legacy) that are not available in Facebook Ads as they are soon to be deprecated by Facebook:

- [Metric] Social clicks
- [Metric] Social impressions
- [Metric] Social spend

Fields in both connectors but where the name changes:
∆ [Metric] App Engagement => [Metric] Desktop App Engagement
∆ [Metric] Call to action clicks => [Metric] Button Clicks
∆ [Metric] Cost => [Metric] Amount Spent
∆ [Metric] Total actions => [Metric] Actions
∆ [Dimension] Campaign => [Dimension] Campaign Name

New fields only available in Facebook Ads:

+ [Dimension] Ad Account ID
+ [Dimension] Ad ID
+ [Dimension] Ad Name
+ [Dimension] Adset ID
+ [Dimension] Adset Name
+ [Dimension] Attribution Window
+ [Dimension] Campaign ID
+ [Dimension] Age
+ [Dimension] Conversion Device
+ [Dimension] Country
+ [Dimension] Destination
+ [Dimension] Gender
+ [Dimension] Impression Device
+ [Dimension] Link Click Destination
+ [Dimension] Platform
+ [Dimension] Post Reaction Type
+ [Dimension] Region
+ [Dimension] Video View Type
+ [Metric] CPC (Cost per Link Click)
+ [Metric] CPM (Cost per 1,000 Impressions)
+ [Metric] CTR (Link Click-Through Rate)
+ [Metric] Cost per 10-Second Video View
+ [Metric] Cost per Mobile App Action
+ [Metric] Cost per Mobile App Content View
+ [Metric] Cost per Mobile App Install
+ [Metric] Cost per Mobile App Purchase
+ [Metric] Cost per Mobile App Registration Completed
+ [Metric] Cost per Mobile App Search
+ [Metric] Cost per Mobile App Session
+ [Metric] Cost per Other Mobile App Action
+ [Metric] Cost per Page Tab View
+ [Metric] Cost per Post Reaction
+ [Metric] Landing Page Views
+ [Metric] Mobile App Actions
+ [Metric] Mobile App Actions Conversion Value
+ [Metric] Mobile App Content Views
+ [Metric] Mobile App Content Views Conversion Value
+ [Metric] Mobile App Purchases
+ [Metric] Mobile App Purchases Conversion Value
+ [Metric] Mobile App Registrations Completed
+ [Metric] Mobile App Registrations Completed Conversion Value
+ [Metric] Mobile App Searches
+ [Metric] Mobile App Sessions
+ [Metric] Other Mobile App Actions
+ [Metric] Other Mobile App Actions Conversion Value
+ [Metric] Post Reactions
+ [Metric] Website Adds of Payment Info Conversion Value
+ [Metric] Website Adds to Wishlist Conversion Value

Attribution settings changes

When connecting a new data source with the Facebook Ads connector you get to select what attribution settings you want to apply to your conversions:

This setting will be applied when Funnel pulls data from Facebook and thus lets you pick attribution settings to use across your ad account. The Facebook (legacy) connector only supports Facebook's default setting (1d view + 28d click) but also breaks conversion metrics out into the discrete conversion options, which makes for a quite messy collection of metrics.

Timeline for shutting down "Facebook (legacy)"

The Facebook (legacy) connector will be deprecated on July 6, 2018. This means that it will no longer be possible to create new data sources in Funnel using that connector after that date. Existing data sources will continue to download data until the connector is discontinued altogether. There is no hard date for the discontinuation yet, but expect it to happen during the third quarter of 2018 (August-October). We will send out more info closer to that date.

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