Advertising API Scope

Our connector currently supports both Sellers(Seller Central) and vendors (old Amazon Marketing Services / new Advertising console).
It also supports both Sponsored Products(SP) and Sponsored Brands(old Headline Search Ads)


There's three different levels, campaigns, ad groups and keywords with an optional setting of getting a search term breakdown on a keyword level.

Keyword impressions vs. others

The number of impressions on a keyword level differs from the rest of the levels because Amazon on those other levels Amazon filters out searches(impressions) of those search terms that did not result in a click.

 For query segmentation, we need to filter out keyword/search term entries that never contributed to a click, which had to be done due to data privacy regulations. - Amazon Rep

Product Display Ads(PDA)

The Product Display Ads(PDA) are not available for us to get through the Advertising API.

Historical data

Amazon has restricted how far back we're allowed to go back to 60 days which means we will not be able to get data further back than these two months.

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