Some Funnel customers may use several tools that integrate with Google Analytics, in addition to connecting through Funnel. This article describes how connecting several tools may affect the different quotas that Google sets for API usage.

The Funnel integration with Google Analytics is currently updating data for the last 7 days several times per day for each Google Analytics View. In addition to that, Funnel will update data going back 20 days once weekly. 

The number of requests needed vary with the number of source/medium/campaign combinations in the Google Analytics View: 

  • If less than 1 000 combinations per 7 day-window Funnel will need around 100 requests per day.

  • If more than 1 000 combinations the number of requests will be proportionate to the number of "thousands". 

You can get an idea of how many combinations there are using the Funnel Data Explorer and selecting the GA Source, GA Medium, GA Campaign dimensions:

In addition to the above, the first time you connect a Google Analytics View, Funnel will download data going back 2 years in time. In rough numbers this means 100 request per day, except the first day you connect it will be 1 000 requests, assuming less than 1 000 source/medium/campaign combinations in each 7-day period.

Google Universal Analytics quotas

Google UA has a number of different limitations. There is a daily quota per API "Project". This quota level is for the Funnel application and does not affect your Google Analytics API use in other places. 

If you are hitting the per Project in some other integration, you or the third party providing that integration can ask Google for a quota increase. That is unrelated to Funnel.

There is also a daily limit of 10 000 requests per Google Analytics View. This can not be adjusted and is shared among all tools where you connect this Google Analytics View. In API error messages this would show up with a reference to the "profile id" which is the API term for Google Analytics View. E.g:

"Quota Error: profileId ga:****** has exceeded the daily request"

If you are hitting the per View the request limit and you can not afford for Funnel to make a few hundred requests in daily operations, it may be possible to work around that limit by creating an additional Google Analytics View with the same configuration and connect that to Funnel instead of the original one. The new View will not have historical data, but if you time this carefully you should be able to combine the data from the old View with the new View and get data in Funnel without a gap.

The Google documentation on these issues is available here: 

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