Funnel supports white labeling only for the Report Center. This is where you would share reports with your clients or other external stakeholders. Included with your Funnel subscription for "Dashboards & Reports" is the possibility to use your own logotypes and intro text. This will effectively remove the Funnel logotype from the visual aspects of the Report center.

White-labeled URL

Using our standard Report Center the Funnel name will still be visible in the address bar of the browser as the first part of the URL. If you would like to remove the domain from the URL of the Report Center it is possible to set up white labeled domain for this. This white labeling is offered as an add-on at a cost and covers only the Report Center. The host name should be under a domain that you control and the included adjustments are:

Setup requirements

Contact your Funnel Account Executive to buy this addon.

Provide the hostname you want to use for your Report Center:

Setup process

  1. Provide the domain name you want to use for your Report Center, (e.g “”). 
  2. After we receive the domain name, as part of the setup, you should expect to get an email from to all of the addresses above. You will have to follow the instructions (in one of the emails) to confirm that Amazon is allowed to create a certificate for the domain. To validate that this is sent on behalf of Funnel make sure the email is for AWS account ID: 0713-0370-0930
  3. After you have confirmed the certificate with Amazon, Funnel will provide the you with a domain similar to and the you will have to create a CNAME in your DNS for your chosen domain and point it to the domain provided by Funnel.
  4. The new URL will be available once the DNS changes have propagated. This may take as long as 24 hours depending on your DNS provider and your settings.
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