The DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration downloads data using reports, which can be basic or custom. If you want to connect a custom report and have not created on yet, you can find a guide that covers requirements for custom DCM reports connected to Funnel here

Choose a report type

When you first start configuring your new DCM connection, you have the following report alternatives to choose from. Depending on your choice of report type, you will be able to fetch different kinds of dimensions and metrics:

  • Basic report (Advertiser): Basic dimensions, Basic metrics

  • Basic report (Account): Basic dimensions, Basic metrics

  • Custom report: any dimensions and metrics that you have included in the report

Note: every report that is connected to Funnel must include the Date dimension and has to have the file type CSV. It is also important that the report is not scheduled.

Basic Dimensions

  • Date

  • Campaign

  • CampaignId

  • Advertiser

  • AdvertiserId

  • Site

  • SiteId

  • Placement

  • PlacementId

  • Activity

Basic Metrics

  • Impressions

  • Clicks

  • DbmCost

  • MediaCost

  • PlannedMediaCost

  • TotalConversions

  • TotalConversionsRevenue

  • ViewThroughConversions

  • ViewThroughRevenue

  • ClickThroughConversions

  • ClickThroughRevenue

(Optional) Enter a Report Id

If you have 20 or more reports set up in your DCM account, we recommend that you enter a Report Id in the appropriate field. This will let Funnel skip the step of searching for and fetching all your reports to select from, which can consume quite a bit of time if they are large and numerous. Entering a Report Id will target a specific report to connect to right away!

Select your report(s)

If you have not entered a Report Id and chosen to connect a Custom report, Funnel will fetch a list of all your DCM reports that you can connect with once you hit Next. Choose all the reports that you need and finish the connection configuration!

You can learn more about creating your Custom report in DCM in this article

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