Note: This connnector only supports Native API data, and not DSP data, as can be seen here:

The Yahoo Gemini connector has support for five different reports:

  1. Legacy report (campaign performance)
  2. Performance Campaign
  3. Performance Ad Group
  4. Performance Ad
  5. Conversion Rules

Below you can see the difference between the reports.

1. Legacy report (campaign performance)

This is the report used for old sources.


  • Campaign Id
  • Campaign Name


  • Post Click Conversions
  • Post Impression Conversions
  • Conversions
  • Ad Extn Impressions
  • Ad Extn Clicks
  • Ad Extn Conversions
  • Video 25% Complete
  • Video 50% Complete
  • Video 75% Complete
  • Video 100% Complete
  • Video Closed
  • Video Skipped
  • Video after 30 seconds view
  • Opens
  • Saves
  • Forwards
  • Click Outs
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Spend
  • Ad Extn Spend

2. Performance Campaign

Contains all the data from the legacy report as well as the following data:


  • Campaign Bid Strategy
  • Campaign Status
  • Budget Type
  • Campaign Objective
  • Campaign Tracking URL
  • Device Type


  • Video Starts
  • Video Views

3. Performance Ad Group

Contains all the data from the performance campaign report as well as the following data:


  • Ad Group Id
  • Ad Group Name
  • Ad Group Status
  • Ad Group Tracking URL

4. Performance Ad

Contains all the data from the performance ad group report as well as the following data:


  • Ad ID
  • Ad Title
  • Ad Title 2
  • Ad Description
  • Ad Sponsored By
  • Ad Landing URL
  • Ad Display URL
  • Ad Image URL
  • Ad Final URL
  • Ad Mobile Final URL
  • Ad Tracking URL

5. Conversion Rules

A different report than the performance reports. Contains conversion rule stats.


  • Campaign ID
  • Ad Group ID
  • Rule ID
  • Rule Name
  • Category Name
  • Conversion Device
  • Source Name
  • Price Type
  • Landing Page Type


  • Post View Conversions
  • Post Click Conversions
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Value
  • Post Click Conversion Value

This report will soon be updated to support Post Impression Conversion Value, but does not support it right now due to a bug in the Yahoo API.

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