Before Funnel can upload data to your Google Analytics property, some things must be in place. Currently Google Analytics Upload only exists for Universal Analytics views. Make sure these steps are fullfilled:

  • A data source must exist in Funnel for a View from the Property you wish to upload to (the data source can be paused at any time)

  • Funnel must be given permission to write to Google Analytics

  • A Data set must exist for the Google Analytics property you want to upload to (learn how to create one)

  • The ad accounts from which you want to upload data must be connected to Funnel

  • Export rules must be set up in Funnel for each ad account to determine what source / medium values the uploaded data should have

Activating a new Google Analytics upload

To create a new Google Analytics upload, follow the in-app setup guide:

You can upload cost, clicks and impressions to Google Analytics from any ad account you connect to Funnel. The uploaded data will have the dimensions source, medium and campaign. 

If you choose to, Funnel can create a default configuration for how to assign source, medium, campaign, cost, impression and click values. You can edit the defaults and change the rules for how the uploaded dataset should look:

NB: Line breaks in campaign names will be treated as spaces since Google Analytics does not accept line breaks in the uploaded data.

Upload limits

Google Analytics 360 limits for processing time import mode:

  • 1 TB per property

  • 20 GB per data set

Google Analytics 360 limits for query time import mode:

  • 1 GB per property

  • 1 GB per data set

  • 50 Data Sets per property

  • 50 upload operations per property per day

  • Maximum file upload size of 1GB

Things to consider about the upload

Upload frequency

Funnel will upload your data a few times every day to the Data set specified in your configuration in Funnel. The upload will create a file for each quarter.

Data is replaced to match current export setup

Should you change your upload configuration in Funnel, by adding/removing an ad account or editing the export rules for an ad account, for example, Funnel will reflect this new configuration by replacing the uploaded files with new ones. This means you are in full control of what data is uploaded and can change what data should be in Google Analytics at any time.

Negative cost will be treated as 0

In some instances ad accounts in Funnel might have a negative cost for a certain campaign and day. Some affiliate networks handle refunds this way, for example.

Google Analytics does not allow uploading of negative values, and therefore the negative cost will instead be uploaded as 0.


You can learn more about how to investigate the status of your upload in the article Has Funnel uploaded my data to Google Analytics?

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