• Funnel must be given permission to write to Google Analytics
  • A Data Set must be set up in the Google Analytics property you want to upload data to, you can follow this step-by-step guide to do so
  • The ad accounts from which you want to upload data must be connected to Funnel
  • Export rules must be created for each ad account to determine what source / medium values the uploaded data should have

Before setting these things up, the Google Analytics Upload page in Funnel will look like this:

This means no Data set is selected to upload to, and no export rules are configured to determine what data should be uploaded. The order in which you fix this does not matter, but let's assume you start by selecting a Data set. To do this, hit "Choose Data set" in the left blue box.

If Funnel lacks permission to write to Google Analytics, this will be indicated by the next page:

This is easy to fix however, just hit "Reconnect" and grant Funnel permission to write to Google Analytics.

Once Funnel has been given permission to write to Google Analytics, you'll be able to select what Data set Funnel should upload data to. If no Data set exists, Funnel will prompt you to set one up.

NB: Once you select a Data set and save it, you will not be able to change it. Therefore, make sure you select the Data set you want to upload to.

Learn how to create a Google Analytics Data set >>

If your Google Analytics property has one or more Data sets however, Funnel will ask you which one to upload to.

After giving Funnel permission to write to Google Analytics and selecting what Data set to upload to, the next step is to configure export rules. Export rules determines which campaigns from the ad accounts should be uploaded and what source / medium values they should have.

Funnel will upload the data from each ad account you configure and use the campaign name for the Google Analytics campaign dimension value, while your configuration controls the source / medium values. If for instance you want all your Bing campaigns to be uploaded with source / medium = bing / cpc, you'd configure the export rules for the Bing ad account like this:

When you're happy with your export rules configuration, all that remains is to activate the uploader:

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