You will need to connect:

  • At least one Google Analytics data source;
  • At least one cost data source.

You will also need to create a Data Set in the Google Analytics property you want to upload to. See this step-by-step guide.

Creating a Google Analytics Upload configuration

Funnel will guide you through setting up your first upload. If you have already connected Google Analytics and at least one cost data source it will look like this:

Click 'Choose a property'. You will be given the option to choose the Google Analytics property you wish to upload to, and can also choose to automatically generate upload rules according to best practices.

Select the property and click 'Use this'. Then you should review the rules that have been created.

The next step is to choose the Data set in your Google Analytics property that cost data should be uploaded to.  At this point Funnel will try to access your Google Analytics property to get the available Data sets. If this fails you will see an error like this:

This is easy to fix however, just hit "Reconnect" and grant Funnel permission to write to Google Analytics.

Once Funnel has been given permission to write to Google Analytics, you'll be able to select what Data set Funnel should upload data to. If no Data set exists, Funnel will prompt you to set one up. Learn how to create a Google Analytics Data set.

NB: Once you select a Data set and save it, you will not be able to change it. Therefore, make sure you select the Data set you want to upload to.

Now you are ready to enable your upload configuration!

Note that you can upload cost data to multiple datasets; just click the 'New upload configuration' button.

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