You can invite people to any of your Funnel accounts. If the user (defined by its email) does not already exist it will be created. If the person you're inviting already has a Funnel user, they will just be added to the Funnel account you're inviting them to. To do this, go to "Users" in the Funnel account you want to add people to and hit "+ Invite a new user":

After inviting a new person to your Funnel account they will get an email with a link to follow in order to accept your invite.

An invited person get full permissions within the Funnel account, including:

  • creating, editing and removing dimensions and dashboards
  • adding and removing data source connections
  • adding and removing users

An invited person will also be able to create new Funnel accounts. These will be added to the Funnel subscription they belong to. If the user was created by your invitation they will belong to the same Funnel subscription as you.

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