There are a couple of AdWords video metrics that we can't simply fetch and store directly from the AdWords API. The reason for this is that these are percentage values (which does not aggregate). The metrics in question are:

  • Video played to 25%
  • Video played to 50%
  • Video played to 75%
  • Video played to 100%

In order to support these Video metrics we need to store the associated base metrics and then calculate the percentages in Funnel. To make things even more complicated, the base metrics are not available from the AdWords API, and instead our AdWords connector has logic built in for calculating these base metrics.

We recently discovered that for certain use cases, some of the assumptions we made when introducing the logic were wrong, resulting in data mismatches. To accommodate for this we are now deprecating these metrics and introducing new versions instead. 

In short, the new versions are calculated based on Impressions rather than Views. The new metrics are only available when connecting an AdWords account on Ad level. This is because we have to make sure that we only capture Impressions for video ads. When connecting on Campaign or Ad Group level this is not possible. 

The new metrics have the same names as the old ones but with different IDs, suffixed with :funnel-derived. For existing sources, the old metrics will still be populated and supported until a later specified date. However, we encourage everyone that benefits from these metrics to switch to the new versions by connecting new sources on Ad level. 


Please be aware that these calculations aren't compatible with all AdGroup types. Be cognisant that the AdGroup type you are using supports Video Rate metrics.

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