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Twitter - Which reporting level am I connected on?
Twitter - Which reporting level am I connected on?
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To see what level you have connected on in twitter you need to go to the Data sources tab in the Funnel app.

You can use the search in the top right  corner to search for all your twitter connections.

The level you have connected on can be seen in the text just below your connection description, shown in the image below:

The different levels can be compared to those found in Twitter as follows:

  • Funnel Campaign is called Campaigns in Twitter.

  • Funnel Ad Group is called Ad groups in Twitter.

  • Funnel Promoted tweet is called Ads in Twitter, but only includes those in the category Tweets.

  • Funnel Reach & Frequency contains the metrics Reach and Average Frequency on Campaign level.

  • Funnel Media Creative  only contains data for Ad Groups across the Twitter Audience Platform. The Twitter Audience Platform (TAP) is a network where advertisers can expand the reach of their campaigns beyond Twitter through devices served by MoPub. Read more about it here:

See the different levels available in the Twitter ads UI below:


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