Dimensions affecting metric totals

Age, gender and mobile dimensions will most likely affect the totals, read more here.

Custom dimensions will filter data that don't have any values for the dimensions. This means that if you don't assign a custom dimension to a user/session or hit, then it won't be included if you look at that user/session or hit in Funnel (same behaviour as in Google Analytics UI). Read more in our help article about custom dimensions in Google Analytics.

Client ID may affect metric totals as Google Analytics can only deliver the top 10,000 unique Client IDs per day. If you have more visitors than that per day it will result in exceeding data being omitted.

Missing or too few goal completions

Goal completions based on events will not be viewable per Page. This is because events can fire multiple times per session while goals only can fire once, meaning that a goal completion can be spread out on multiple pages.

Missing goal metrics

Smart goals are not included per default, because of a limitation in the Google Analytics API we can't see beforehand if a user has any or not. If you need this metric please write to the Funnel support and ask us to toggle it for your data sources.

Metric values being slightly off

If you have a lot of data GA might read some of it and then estimate the rest. This sampling is done in the UI as well, look for if the shields becomes yellow in GA (see picture below). Read more about sampling for GA here.

Double counting data

When connecting several data sources for one property make sure that you do not look at the same data twice as this will lead to skewed numbers.

Comparing Funnel data with the Google Ads report

The Google Ads report in Google Analytics filters the data on the source and medium values "google / cpc". You have to filter on the same thing in Funnel to not include data from other traffic sources or else you will see higher values in Funnel.

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