We get a lot of questions about how to get revenue (placed order value) and orders (placed orders) together with other email metrics by campaign. At the moment  there is not any report that ties together both of these metric sets, so in order to get this you need to fetch two reports from Klaviyo; the Message breakdown report and the Attributed Message breakdown report and use the Consolidated message dimension when viewing the data in the Data Explorer.

In the Message and Attributed Message breakdowns there are both Flow Messages and Campaigns from Klaviyo. To be able to differentiate the two, one suggestion is to apply a naming convention to your Klaviyo campaigns, e.g., always include [C] in the beginning of every campaign name. The Flow messages will then be named MessageName, whereas the Campaign names will be [C]MessageName and you will easily be able to filter these out.

Please follow the below steps to get data by campaign from Klaviyo in Funnel:

1. Since not all metrics are available for one single breakdown, two Klaviyo sources needs to be set up in your Funnel account. One with the "Message" breakdown and one with the "Attributed Message" breakdown. This is what it will look like when you have both sources connected.

2. Please navigate to the Data Explorer and select the Klaviyo metrics you want to look at and select the Consolidated message dimension from Klaviyo. This is a custom dimension Funnel has created which combines the metrics from both the "Message" and the "Attributed Message" reports. By selecting this dimension and no other breakdown dimension in the Data Explorer, you will be able to see both placed order value, placed orders and the other email metrics by campaign.

3. This is what the an data set could look like:

To make this possible for Flows, follow steps 1-3 again, but connect the sources with breakdowns "Flow" and "Attributed Flow" and use the "Consolidate Flow" dimension in your Data Explorer.

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