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How to get all metrics, both standard email metrics, orders and revenue, attributed to your campaigns in Klaviyo

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We get a lot of questions about how to get revenue (placed order value) and orders together with other email metrics by campaign. At the moment  there is not any report that ties together both of these metric sets, so in order to get this you need to fetch two reports from Klaviyo:

  • Message

  • Attributed Message

Then use the Consolidated message dimension to join the two reports.

Please follow the below steps to get data by campaign from Klaviyo in Funnel:

1. This is how it will look with the two reports connected:

2. This is a custom dimension Funnel has created which combines the metrics from both the Message and the Attributed Message breakdown. By selecting this dimension and no other breakdown dimension in the Data Explorer, you will be able to see both placed order value, placed orders and the other email metrics by campaign.

3. You can use the field Message Type to differentiate campaign messages from flow messages. This is what a data set could look like:

To make this possible for Flows, follow steps 1-3 again, but connect the sources with breakdowns Flow and Attributed Flow and use the Consolidated Flow dimension in your Data Explorer.

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