There are two different levels of permission management in Funnel. This article explains the basics available to all subscriptions. For those in need of more flexible account level permissions, please see the article on User permissions.

There are three basic types of users available in Funnel:

  • Owner
  • Member
  • Report user

First, let's look at what permissions each role has.

The Member role's permissions

Member is the default role for a Funnel user. A member can

  • Create accounts
  • Invite and remove users from accounts they themselves have access to
  • Edit everything within an account (create and change data sources, custom field configurations, export configurations etc)

The Owner role's permissions

Owners can do everything members can. In addition, owners can also

  • Access all accounts
  • Change role of users from Member to Owner, or vice versa
  • Grant and revoke access to any account for users
  • See and change billing details

A Funnel subscription can have multiple owners.

The Report user role's permissions

Report user is a special role that is limited to access the Report Center for a given account. Report users are limited to view access within the Report Center and can thus not edit anything. They can be invited by Members and Owners. If a Report User in an account is invited to the account itself, they are automatically upgraded to a Member.

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