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Keep data fresh in Tableau Online
Keep data fresh in Tableau Online

Use Tableau Bridge to keep data fresh in Tableau Online. Works only with Tableau Connector v1 (Web Data Connector).

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Tableau Bridge WDC Extract Refresh Jobs Failing After Upgrading to Version 2023.1 and above. This means refreshes in Tableau Bridge for Funnel's connector will fail for this version and above.
More information about workarounds in this Salesforce KB article

If you have connected to Funnel from Tableau Desktop and published the data source or workbook to Tableau Online, the next step is to make sure your data is fresh.

Tableau Online has some limitations when it comes to refreshing an extract created by a web data connector. Luckily there is another way, you can use Tableau Bridge

Publish Data Source to server

In order to refresh the data with Tableau Bridge the data source must be published.

Schedule with Bridge (Legacy)

Within Tableau Online, you should now be able to see your published data source. Select the option "Schedule with Bridge(Legacy)" and adjust the scheduling to your preferences.

Tableau Bridge

When the extract refresh is created you should now be able to see your data source within Tableau Bridge. When pressing the edit button you will be prompted for credentials.


When setting up an extract refresh using Tableau Bridge you will need to enter your credentials found on the Tableau page in Funnel. Tableau Bridge works a bit different than our connector, which is why you need to split the Token into username and password. Use everything before ":" in the token as username and everything after it as password.

Refresh your data

After entering the credentials you should be able to see a "Run now" button. After pressing that button the data from the Funnel data source will be synced to Tableau Online.


Does this work with Funnel's Tableau Connector v2?

No. This article only works for our Tableau Connector v1.

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