On April 28th, 2020 our Partnerize connector underwent an overhaul to create a more reliable connector, with the ability to fetch more granular data.

This resulted in the following changes.

  • The three former report types, Campaign report, Country report, and Advertiser reference report, are no longer available to connect. The sources connected with either of these report types will continue downloading data until September 1st, 2020. Please connect new sources prior to this date.
  • Some metrics from the old report types have been deprecated and won't be available in the new report types. These metrics are Impressions and Quantity. Quantity will be replaced by the new metrics Item conversions

The new Partnerize connector features three brand new report types:

  • Item conversion report
  • Conversion report
  • Click report.

You can read more about what fields the new reports contain in the What data can I get from Partnerized article.

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