Analytics campaign name

  • The Google Analytics campaign name (used for organizing within Google Analytics)

Base message ID

  • Internal message ID used for the campaign

Base template ID

  • Template used to create the campaign

Campaign nameCreate date

  • Date the campaign was created

Last sent date

  • Date the campaign was last sent

Modified date

  • Date the campaign was last modified

Segment ID

  • Segment ID used for the campaign.

Send ID

  • Send ID for the campaign


  • How the campaign was created


  • Type of campaign


# Clicks

  • Total amount of distinct (unique) contacts that clicked a link for this campaign

# Forwards

  • Total amount of distinct (unique) contacts that forwarded this campaign (via the %FORWARD2FRIEND% personalization link only)

# Hard bounces

  • Total number of hard bounces for this campaign

# Link clicks

  • Total amount of distinct (unique) links clicked for this campaign

# Opens

  • Total amount of distinct (unique) contacts that opened this campaign

# Replies

  • Total number of distinct (unique) contacts that replied to this campaign

# Sends

  • Total amount of contacts actually sent this campaign

# Social shares

  • Total number of social shares conducted for this campaign

# Soft bounces

  • Total number of soft bounces for this campaign.

# Unsubscribes

  • Total number of unsubscribes for this campaign.

Total amount sent

  • Total amount of contacts determined to receive this campaign

Total forwards

  • Total amount of forwards for this campaign

Total link clicks

  • Total amount of link clicks for this campaign (including multiple link clicks by the same contact)

Total opens

  • Total amount of opens for this campaign (including multiple opens by the same contact)

Total replies

  • Total number of replies for this campaign (including multiple replies by the same contact)

Track reads

  • Whether or not read/open tracking is enabled for this campaign
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