• Campaign ID: The unique identifier of a campaign.
  • Campaign name: The name of a campaign.


  • Average Basket: Average size of orders, calculated by dividing revenue by number of sales.
  • Click-time: Approved clicks within a specified time frame.
  • Cost: Total cost of potential events.
  • Double-clicks: Double-click is a conversion counted on the second click inside the website.
  • Downloads: Number of validated downloads.
  • Forecast sales: The total number of sales forecast.
  • Leads: Number of validated leads.
  • Refused downloads: Number of refused downloads.
  • Refused leads: Number of refused leads.
  • Refuses: The total number of refuses.
  • Revenue: Revenue from sales.
  • Sales: The total number of validated sales.
  • Total click-time: Total clicks within a specified time frame.
  • Total clicks: Total number of clicks.
  • Total displays: Total number of displays.
  • Total double-clicks: Total double-click conversions.
  • Total downloads: Total number of downloads.
  • Total leads: Total number of leads.
  • Validated clicks
  • Validated displays
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