Adwords API will sunset April 27 2022

Google has announced the sunset date for Adwords API will be April 27 2022. After that day all requests to the legacy API will fail. That implies that all sources in Funnel using the Adwords API must be migrated to Google Ads API before the sunset date in order to work properly.

Sources in Funnel that has not been migrated will still be available in Funnel to see historical data, but no new data will be fetched.

When connecting new Adwords data sources you will automatically use the Google Ads API while older data sources might use the Adwords API. You can see what API your data sources use in the description under each data source in the Data sources view.

We recommend using the new Google Ads API since the old Adwords API no longer receives updates and all new features are only available through the Google Ads API.

The APIs differ in some aspects and you need to be aware of them before migrating, read more under each section below.

How to migrate

To migrate your Adwords API data source, click "Actions" button and then choose "Edit configuration" to open up the reconfigure dialog. In the reconfigure dialog choose "Google Ads API" option and apply changes.

The "keyword/placement" option in the Standard report

When using the Google Ads API there is no longer an option to choose the "keyword/placement" ad option on the Standard report on a Ad level. Instead, there are two new reports you can choose from, the "Search Keyword" report and the "Placement" report. The Search Keyword report is available on the Campaign, Ad Group and Ad level. The Placement report is available for the Campaign and Ad Group level (the absence of the Ad level is a limitation in the API)

The Ad field changes

When using the Adwords API the values for "Ad" are located in the field called "Ad (legacy)". Because of differences in the APIs these values are instead located in the field "Ad" when using the Google Ads API. If you have exports with "Ad" values these will break and you need to change these to use the field called "Ad".

Ad types that has been depreciated or renamed

Ad types that has been deprecated in the Google Ads API:

  • Deprecated Ad

  • Dynamic Search Ad

  • Showcase Ad

  • Third Party Redirect Ad (Rich Media Ad)

Ad types that have been renamed in the Google Ads API:

Adwords API

Google Ads API

Goal Optimized Shopping Ad

Smart Shopping Ad

Multi Asset Responsive Display Ad

Responsive Display Ad

Product Ad

Standard Shopping Ad/

Shopping Product Ad

Universal App Ad

App Ad

Template Ad Display Upload Ad

Display Upload Ad with the HTML5_UPLOAD_AD product type/

Display Upload Ad with one of the DYNAMIC_HTML5_* product types

The Call report

The dimension "Caller Country Code" is not available in the Google Ads API.

Geographic report changed behaviour

When downloading a Geographic report from the AdWords API with several geographic breakdowns you will get rows for all the locations registered in the selected breakdown. If a geographic breakdown is missing in one row it is marked as “--”. For example, if you have chosen a Geo Performance report with the optional Geo Dimensions “country” and “city”, if some of the rows are missing the city value but have a value for the country you will get rows where the city is marked as “--” while the other fields will have values.

However, in the Google Ads API if you have chosen “country” and “city”, only the rows that have values for both the city and the country will be downloaded. This means that you will lose all the rows that only have a country registered but no city. Therefore, you will need to carefully consider what optional Geo Dimensions to choose when connecting a Geo Performance report in the Google Ads API.

Google has chosen this new behaviour in the Google Ads API to better match what is seen in the Google Ads UI.

The Audience report

Unlike the Adwords API, the Google Ads API will not return any results for Audiences that have the campaign type Discovery.

Other known quirks

  • "Express" Campaigns are renamed to "Smart" Campaigns in the Google Ads API and can only be fetched at the "Campaign" report level in both APIs.

  • There are more decimals places in some metrics, for example in the “Absolute Top Impressions” metric.

  • The name format of some "Types" are different in the APIs. For example in the Adwords API, the Ad Type “Text Ad” is written as “TEXT_AD” in the Google Ads API.

  • For Discovery campaigns the field "Campaign Type" will be set as "Unknown" in both APIs.

  • The “Display Upload Ad” in the Google Ads API only replaces some “Template Ads” in the Adwords API.

If you need assistance in migrating don't hesitate to reach out to support.

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