If you're unable to connect your Criteo source(s) it's likely due to

  • You don't have admin permissions for the advertisers you wish to connect

  • You have already granted us access

  • Someone else in your team has granted us access

Insufficient permissions

If you don't have admin permissions you will need to ask the person who granted you access to the advertiser to elevate your permissions to admin.

Access already granted

If you, or someone else, have already granted us access to the advertiser you'll get an error.

You granted access

If you're the one who granted access you should already have a set of Criteo Credentials in Funnel with access to this advertiser. Use these Credentials to connect or reconnect your source. See below image for an example of how the connect dialogue looks if you have created Criteo Credentials.

Someone else granted access

If one of your colleagues has granted us access to the advertiser(s) you want to connect, you could either ask that person to connect your source for you or revoke the consent. To revoke consent go to https://consent.criteo.com/ and revoke access for the advertiser(s).

If you're still having issues connecting or reconnecting your Criteo data source - reach out to support and we'll be happy to help!

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