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AdWords API → Google Ads API: Important changes
AdWords API → Google Ads API: Important changes
Things to consider when migrating to the new Googles Ads API
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On April 27th 2022, Google is shutting its AdWords API down. It is being replaced by the Google Ads API.

In this article you will be able to see changes in report types and fields. For a guide on how to migrate, see AdWords API → Google Ads API: How to migrate.

This article includes three different types of changes:

Available report types

In most cases, you'll find a "Google Ads API" report that matches your current "AdWords API" report, however there are some exceptions.

See the table below for an overview of the different report types available and links to sections below with more detailed changes.

Report type

AdWords API

Google Ads API



Geo Performance

Location view

Search Keyword


Shopping Performance

Placeholder Feed Item

Video Performance

Call Details

Search Query

Landing Page


Age Range View

Gender View

Income Range View

Click View

Report type: Standard

  • Keyword/Placement split into two report types
    The Keyword/Placement dimensions option is no longer available for the standard report. To get the same data, you will need to connect Search Keyword or Placement reports.

  • Network Type name change
    The optional dimension Network Type, is replaced by Network Type (includes Search Partners)

  • Device and Days To Conversion can’t be selected together

    The optional dimensions Device and Days To Conversion are no longer compatible with each other. It will only be possible to select one of them in the same setup.

Report type: Geo performance

  • Changed behaviour for rows without geo data
    In the old AdWords API, rows with no "country" or "city", etc. would be included in your data with a "country" or "city" dimension value of "--". In the new Google Ads API, these rows are excluded.

  • Network Type name change
    The optional dimension Network Type, is replaced by Network Type (includes Search Partners)

Report type: Call details

  • Caller Country Code removed
    The dimension Caller Country Code is not available via the new Google Ads API.

Report type: Audience

  • Campaigns of type "Discovery" removed
    Google Ads API will not return any results for Audiences that have the Campaign type "Discovery".

Dimensions becoming unavailable

The "Ad" dimension

This AdWords API-supported field has historically been available in Funnel under the name "Ad". The Google Ads API does not offer this field and instead the content of this dimension can now be found in: Ad Name, Text Ad Headline, App Ad Headlines, Expanded Text Ad Headline 1-3, Responsive Display Headlines or Responsive Search Headlines.

To accommodate for this we have introduced a new Ad dimension in Funnel. This is a rule based dimension that will use whichever of above dimensions that are available for a row of data. This new dimension should resemble the old AdWords API dimension, which is now renamed to "Ad (legacy)".

Other dimensions becoming unavailable

  • Caller Country Code

  • Network Type

Changes to the content (i.e. values) of dimensions

The Ad Type dimension

The following AdWords API Ad types are not supported by the Google Ads API and will not show up in your data:

  • Deprecated Ad

  • Dynamic Search Ad (has been upgraded to Expanded Dynamic Search Ads)

  • Showcase Ad

  • Third Party Redirect Ad (Rich Media Ad)

The following Ad types have been renamed:

Old name (AdWords API)

New name (Google Ads API)

Goal Optimised Shopping Ad

Smart Shopping Ad

Multi Asset Responsive Display Ad

Responsive Display Ad

Product Ad

Standard Shopping Ad/Shopping Product Ad

Universal App Ad

App Ad

Template Ad/Display Upload Ad

Display Upload Ad with the HTML5_UPLOAD_AD product type/Display Upload Ad with one of the DYNAMIC_HTML5_* product types
Note: The “Display Upload Ad” in the Google Ads API only replaces some “Template Ads” in the AdWords API."

The Campaign Type dimension

The following Campaign types have been renamed:

Old name (AdWords API)

New name (Google Ads API)



Value format changes: Ad Type → AD_TYPE

Some dimension values have a new format in the Google Ads API. For example in the AdWords API, the Ad Type “Text Ad” is written as “TEXT_AD”. This affects dimensions ending with "Type" (Ad type, Campaign type, etc.), Device, Network (with search partners) and Advertising Sub Channel.

MCC accounts no longer able to fetch metrics

In the old Adwords API it was possible to fetch metrics from a MCC account. This is no longer possible with the Google Ads API. If you have a data source connected with a MCC account you will have to connect each account managed by that MCC account separately, in new data sources to get the same data.

A final note

This is a list of all differences between the Adwords API and the Google Ads API, that are known to us. We can not guarantee that this list is complete.

Go here to find the official Google Ads API documentation.

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