On April 27th 2022, Google is shutting its AdWords API down. It is being replaced by the Google Ads API and any data sources using the AdWords API need to be migrated in order to continue downloading data after this date.

This article details how you can check if you have any sources using the old API, and how to migrate.

How can I find sources in need of migration?

  • Navigate to the Data Sources page. All data sources using the old AdWords API will be marked with a yellow warning sign on the Data Sources page within a Funnel account.

  • If you are a Subscription owner you can get an overview of any Funnel accounts that require attention due to issues with data sources by navigating to the Accounts tab on your Subscription page. Click on the warning sign on the individual accounts to see a filtered view of data sources with issues, including old AdWords API data sources. These will be marked with a yellow warning sign as shown in the image above.

How do I migrate?

The easiest way to migrate is to simply edit the configuration of your AdWords API sources to use the new API (in rare cases a data source can be non-reconfigurable and will have to be replaced by connecting a brand new source).

For many sources you're likely to find a Google Ads API report that matches your current AdWords API report. However, there are some exceptions which you can read more about in this article, which includes a detailed list of changes between the two APIs.

Things to consider before migrating:

  • When you perform "Edit configuration" for a source it can take some time for all data to be re-downloaded. The reload will start immediately and begin with the most recent data. The time it takes depend on the granularity of the new configuration and the data volume in the ad account.

  • Some dimensions will no longer be available. Some are removed altogether while others are replaced by new dimensions. This may impact your setup in and outside of Funnel.

  • The content (i.e. values) of some dimensions will change. For example, in the Ad Type dimension the value "Text Ad" changes to "TEXT_AD". To accommodate for this you may have to update rules/filters in your analytics setup.

When you're sure of what to do:

1. Click on the source listed on the Data Sources page in Funnel, and under "Data" click "Edit configuration"

2. Once you've opened the configuration page, click "Google Ads API" and select the configuration you want.

3. Once you've accepted, the reconfigure job begins. This means all data belonging to the source will be re-downloaded. The time this takes depends on the granularity of the new configuration and the data volume in the ad account.

What happens if I do nothing?

Downloads will stop on April 27th and sources will receive an error indicating that the configuration is no longer valid. You will still be able to access historical data and you can hide the errors by using "Disable import" for the affected sources.

Please reach out if you have any questions!

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