Through the integration between Funnel and Google BigQuery all the data that Funnel collects from your advertising platforms is now available also in Google Data Studio. This article will show you how to try this out with the Funnel demo data set. This demo data is available to everyone. You do not need an active Funnel subscription to try it, and there is no registration necessary.

The only preconditions are that you have signed up for Google DataStudio, and have a Google Cloud project with billing activated. The Google billing project will cover possible query execution costs in BigQuery. Note that Google offer a free tier that allows you to query 1 TB of data per month without charge. This should cover refreshing the Funnel demo data set thousands of times.

Step 1 - Google Billing Project

If you do not already have a Google Cloud Project with an active Billing account, go to and click "Add billing account". If you are a new Google Cloud user you may be eligible for a free trial. Complete the signup until you have reached the Google Cloud Console with a "My First Project".

Step 2 - Create Data Source

Sign in to Google DataStudio at and create a new blank report.

In the new report use the "CREATE NEW DATA SOURCE" button at the bottom right.
For the new Data Source, select BigQuery - Shared Projects and enter the name "firebase-funnel" as the shared project name.

At this point the Dataset "funnel_demo" should appear to the right. Select the dataset and then the Table "funnel_aggregated_all_dates".

Finally select your billing project and click "Connect" at the top right.

Step 3 - Add to report

You should see a description of the Funnel data available in the "funnel_aggregated_all_dates" view.

Please note that this aggregated view has been reduced to metrics for cost, clicks and impressions to make it easier to work with as an example. The monthly tables "funnel_overview_yyyy_mm" contain all metrics collected by Funnel from the advertising platforms including platform specific metrics for Adwords, Facebook, etc.
To continue with this data click "ADD TO REPORT" at the top right.

Step 4 - Add a chart

At this point the Funnel demo data is available for you to try out in your Data Studio report. As an example click on the pie chart symbol, draw an area for it in the layout and enjoy the pretty Google colors.

Next steps

Feel free to dig into the more detailed data in the monthly tables. Please note that our demo data is still slightly limited and may not provide good values for all the platform specific metrics that are available in Funnel. Hopefully you will still get a good idea of the value.

When you are ready to try this with your own data, please contact us using the chat on this page or to hear more about how to set that up.

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