In Funnel you can select to look at first click, non-direct last click or assisted transactions from Google Analytics. In Google Analytics the default metric is non-direct last click, but if you only look at your result from this view you might miss a lot of useful information. Some traffic sources or mediums might be very important for driving awareness and traffic to your site, but at the same time they might not be the sources that generate the most non-direct last click Transactions.

However, removing this Traffic source or medium might affect your Transaction Revenue, since it may contribute with synergy effects and drive potential customers to find your website without necessarily clicking an ad. Setting up a widget that shows your first click, assisted and non-direct last click Transactions will give you a good overview of to what extent each traffic source or medium contributed to the conversion Funnel. 

Create a Bar Chart in a Dashboard

Navigate to dashboards in the top navigation bar and select to create a new dashboard. 

Click on Add Widget and select the Bar chart widget. Bar charts are great at showing parts of whole and also compare different values within a dimension. 

Give the widget a name and select the metrics you want to look at. You can select number of Transactions or Transaction Revenue.

Select if you want to filter the data using one of your dimensions, e.g., include only paid traffic. Select Traffic source or any other dimension you want to split the bars by in the "Rows per" dropdown. 

Set the data range and click on Apply. 

In the above widget you can see that Pricerunner is driving a lot of first click Transactions, but not as many non-direct last click Transactions. The conclusion one can draw from this is that Pricerunner seems to be involved in quite a few customer journeys that end with a non-direct last click Transaction that is attributed to other Traffic sources. An explanation for this is that Pricerunner offers potential customers a way to research product and gather information before they make a purchase, and gaining exposure on that platform indirectly drives users to visit your website through other means, and then to also convert on your website!

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