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Troubleshooting the new GA4 incompatibilities
Troubleshooting the new GA4 incompatibilities
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Google Analytics introduced some new field incompatibilities as of February 2023 in their API. All of these incompatibilities are listed bellow:

Item dimensions

The dimensions Item brand, Item category, Item category 2, Item category 3, Item category 4, Item category 5, Item ID, Item list ID, Item list name, Item name, Item promotion creative name, Item promotion ID, and Item promotion name are now incompatible with the following metrics:

  • Ad unit exposure

  • Event Count

  • Event Value

  • Conversions

  • Checkouts

  • Ecommerce purchases

  • Purchase revenue

  • Transactions

  • Add-to-carts

  • New Users

  • Publisher ad clicks

  • Publisher ad impressions

  • Views

  • User engagement

  • Item list clicks

  • Item list views

  • Item promotion clicks

  • Item promotion views

  • Item views

For more information, we suggest checking out the GA4 Dimensions & Metrics Explorer. It lists and describes all of the dimensions and metrics available and their compatibility.

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