To activate Funnel's Google Analytics cost uploader you need to complete three steps. The second and third step are covered by our in-app guide, which you will see when you close this message.

You can always access this message again by clicking the "Help", then "Support" button in the top right hand corner.

1. Create a Data set for your Google Analytics Property

Funnel will upload your data to a Data set. Learn how to create one in our knowledge base.

2. Connect ad accounts and Google Analytics to Funnel

This allows Funnel to download cost data from your advertising accounts and upload it to Google Analytics.

The in-app guide will help you with this.

3. Configure how to upload cost data to Google Analytics

For Funnel to upload your cost data it needs to know what source and medium values to apply to your various advertising campaigns. 

Set this by following the in-app guide.

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