If you see a mismatch between your data in Funnel and one of your data sources there can be several reasons as to why this is happening. If what you experience can not be explained by delays in attribution windows or reporting please let us know using the support chat or support@funnel.io

In order for us to find out what is causing the mismatch, you can speed up the process by providing us with some helpful information.

To begin with, make sure that you are looking at the same date range in both your data source's reporting interface and Funnel’s Data Explorer. Next, make sure that you have considered the following before contacting us: 

  1. Is the mismatch linked to a data source that you recently added to Funnel? If so, then there is a possibility that all data hasn’t been downloaded by us yet. Depending on the type of data source and the general workload of Funnel, it can take a few hours before we have received all data from the data source (see How often does Funnel import data?). 

  2. Double-check currency and other report settings.
    When you discover an error, make sure you're looking at the same account, the same date and the same set of other dimensions in the source platform and Funnel. Make sure your monetary metrics are displayed in the same currency.

  3. Configurable connectors
    Some of our larger connectors are configurable, and will give you a different set of metrics and dimensions depending on how the source was configured when connecting. Also check any settings that may vary (Facebook, for example, gives you the option to alter attribution window and action report time, which affects the numbers you see). Check your source configuration under "Data sources" in Funnel. Here are the available options for some of our most used sources:

  4. Have you made any changes to your data source recently? For example, changing credentials, adding new campaigns or adjusting other settings may cause issues in Funnel. Certain changes just need some time to show up in Funnel, which in those cases will appear when a new download of the latest data is finished for the data source in question. 

Reporting an issue

Once you have considered the above points and still feel that they do not explain your issue, please follow the instructions on how to report your mismatch to help us resolve the issue as fast as possible.

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