Aggregatable VS Non-Aggregatable Metrics

When connecting DoubleClick, you can select Regular or Non-Aggregatable metrics. Non-Aggregatable are metrics that can not be summed over days and/or dimensions thus they will be imported as metrics that represents non-summable rows, read more here:
What are non aggregatable metrics?

Selecting Report

The Report field dictates the granularity of your report. The Keyword report will also include Ad Group, Campaign and Default dimensions. Even though you select the Keyword report, UAC Campaigns and Dynamic Ad Groups will be downloaded but will will not have any values for the keyword dimensions. This means that the totals will be correct no matter what level you choose. However sometimes conversions can differ slightly between different levels, the same can be true if you segment by Device or not (this works exactly like it does in DoubleClick Search/Search Ads 360 UI).
Campaign Target and Ad Group Target reports will only show values for Campaigns / Ad groups with targets, the total values for the metrics might therefore not match up with the totals of any of the other reports.

Historical Data

One year of historical data will be downloaded when you connect a new source, which is the maximum allowed by DoubleClick's API.

Regular Metrics

  • Actions
  • Revenue
  • Transactions

If you don't select any floodlight dimension an additional segment you will also get:

  • AdWords Conversion Value
  • AdWords Conversions
  • AdWords VT Conversions
  • Average position
  • Clicks
  • Cost
  • Impressions
  • Visits

Non-Aggregatable Metrics

  • Search Impression Share
    It's shown as a dimension and has the value "< 10%" or "0.1" to "1.0".
  • Search Impression Share Budget Lost (shown as a dimension)
    It's shown as a dimension and has the value "> 90%" or "0.0" to "0.9".
  • Search Impression Share Rank Lost (shown as a dimension)
    It's shown as a dimension and has the value "> 90%" or "0.0" to "0.9".

Default dimensions

These dimensions are will always be populated.

  • Account
  • Account ID
  • Advertiser
  • Advertiser ID
  • Agency
  • Agency ID
  • Engine

Additional Segments:

  • Device

Floodlight specific dimensions

These dimensions are selectable as additional segmentations when connecting the data source. If you select any of these segments you will only get the metrics: Actions, Revenue and Transactions. The totals of these metrics will be the same whether segmented by any floodlight dimension or not. The Floodlight conversions can also be downloaded from the DoubleClick Campaign manager integration.

  • Floodlight Activity
  • Floodlight Activity ID
  • Floodlight Activity Tag
  • Floodlight Group
  • Floodlight Group ID

Campaign specific dimensions

  • Campaign
  • Campaign ID
  • Country Targets

Ad Group specific dimensions

  • Ad Group
  • Ad Group ID
  • Ad Group Type

Keyword specific dimensions

  • Keyword Match Type
  • Keyword Text

Campaign Target specific dimensions

  • Location Target
  • Campaign Target ID

Ad Group Target specific dimensions

  • Location Target
  • Dynamic Search Ads Target Conditions
  • Age Target Range
  • Gender Target Type
  • Ad Group Target ID
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