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Getting Started & The Basics

Get started collecting, managing and working with your data in Funnel

Video Walkthroughs

This section contains interactive product walkthroughs to accelerate your Funnel setup.

Data Connectors

Funnel's Core Connectors and Custom Connectors allow you to integrate with hundreds of marketing platforms and apps to collect your marketing data.

Data Transformation

Learn more about working with the data in your Funnel account

Data Warehouse Sharing

How to share data to a data warehouse

Google Looker Studio Connector

How to work with your data in Looker Studio

Google Sheet Export

How to export to a data warehouse

Microsoft Excel Sharing

Information about scheduled sharing of Funnel data to Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Power BI Connector

How to work with your data in Power BI

Tableau Connector

How to work with your data in Tableau

Google Analytics Upload

How to upload your data to Google Analytics

Managing your Subscription

Learn how to administrate your accounts, access invoices and more

Supported Dimensions & Metrics

What data can I get from the different Data Source connectors?


Learn how to work with Funnel dashboards

Pricing & Packaging

Learn more about our plans and pricing model