Getting Started & The Basics

Get started collecting, managing and working with your data in Funnel

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Product Guides

This section contains interactive product walkthroughs to accelerate your Funnel setup.

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Data Connectors

Funnel's Core Connectors and Custom Connectors allow you to integrate with hundreds of marketing platforms and apps to collect your marketing data.

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Data Transformation

Learn more about working with the data in your Funnel account

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Data Warehouse Sharing

How to share data to a data warehouse

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Google Looker Studio Connector

How to work with your data in Google Looker Studio

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Google Sheet Export

How to export to a data warehouse

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Microsoft Excel Sharing

Information about scheduled sharing of Funnel data to Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Power BI Connector

How to work with your data in Power BI

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Tableau Connector

How to work with your data in Tableau

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Google Analytics Upload

How to upload your data to Google Analytics

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Managing your Subscription

Learn how to administrate your accounts, access invoices and more

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Supported Dimensions & Metrics

What data can I get from the different Data Source connectors?

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Dashboards & Reports

Learn how to visualise data, configure Dashboards and create Reports

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