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How to edit your Google Sheets exports
How to edit your Google Sheets exports

Find out which settings of an individual export are possible to change and where to do it.

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You can adjust the following settings of a Google Sheets export that's already been set up:

Edit page

You can access these settings for an existing export by navigating to Google Sheets in the left side menu bar. There, find the particular export you are interested in editing, and click the Edit link.

Google user

You can change the Google user that is used for authenticating to the Google Sheet by clicking on the currently connected user and going through the authentication flow with the Google user you want to use.


You can change the Google Sheet export to export to another spreadsheet or sheet (tab) by changing to a different Spreadsheet URL or a different Sheet title. If you change the destination you will also be forced to re-authenticate the Google user.

Working range

This option can be found in the advanced section.

Select the range you want to write the data to. Set "Row start" or "Column start" to write the data further down or to the right in the Google Sheet. Set "Column end" so that we won't clear the entire Google Sheet before writing if you want to keep other data or formulas in the same Google Sheet.


Press "Choose fields" to change what dimensions/metrics are included in the export to the Google Sheet.

Dimension filter

Filter the data on dimension values.

Metric filter

Filter the data on metric values.

Row limit

If you for example want to export the "top x campaigns" you can set a limit and a metric to use when sorting.


Set the currency used when exporting the data.

Date range

Change how much historical data you want to include in the export.

Metadata output


Change what times the export will start. You can select up to three specific times per day or a rolling schedule where it starts "every x hour".

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