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Sharing Funnel data to SQL databases
Sharing Funnel data to SQL databases

Tips to help you share your Funnel data to SQL databases

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For SQL databases not directly supported by Funnel, you can use one of our File Shares to share your data to a file store and from there import it into your database.

For instance, if you have a mySQL database hosted by Amazon Web Services, you can use our S3 Share and import it into your database from there.

With Microsoft Azure, our Blob Storage Share will suit you.

If you are hosting a database on your own servers and don't have cloud file storage, our SFTP Share might be the best solution.

Funnel has a number of functions to make importing the data into SQL databases easier for you:

  • Column headers - Choose safe ID or safe Field Name in the 'Formats > header format' section of the Share configuration, and we will create files with headers that can be used as database column names.

  • Schema file - We create and upload a schema.sql file that you can use to create tables that match the data in the files.  The file will be alongside the Funnel data files.

  • Summary file - You can select to include summary file that is created and uploaded after all files have been successfully shared. You can use this file to trigger the next step in your process. Exactly how you do this depends on the file storage you are using, and is beyond the scope of this article. 

Why doesn't Funnel support more SQL databases?

Ordinarily, SQL databases are not exposed directly to the internet, and database administrators are unwilling to give out usernames and passwords with 'write' permissions to external applications like Funnel. Most databases have simple import functions, and Funnel can share data in formats most databases can easily import. 

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