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When does Funnel remove data?
When does Funnel remove data?

Understand how data is retained and purged on removal

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General Principle

When removing an item in Funnel (Funnel Workspace, data source...) the item becomes immediately inaccessible. After removal, the data is kept securely for a retention period, after which it will be permanently deleted from our systems. Note that data exported out of Funnel will be left intact.

The retention period is as short as possible to comply with legal, contractual and/or operational requirements. Normally the period is 30 days depending on the type of data.

Remove a Funnel Workspace

When a Funnel Workspace is removed, all related data such as data sources and dashboards get removed and all scheduled imports and exports of data are stopped. Any users that have access to the Workspace will no longer have access or see it when they sign in.

Please note that an Workspace is not the same thing this as a subscription; this does not cancel your subscription to Funnel.

Remove a Data Source

When a data source is removed its data will no longer be available in Funnel and after the retention period the data will be removed completely.

Remove a Data Share

When a scheduled Data Share is removed, the configuration of the Data Share is removed and no further exports will run from Funnel. It will not remove the actual data exported out of Funnel's systems, so any data that Funnel has exported to, for instance, Google BigQuery or Amazon S3 will not be touched. The exception for this is Snowflake where we host the tables that we share and they will be removed when deleting the Data Share or 30 days after disabling the Data Share. For Snowflake you can copy the table to a table that you own to keep the data after disabling or deleting a Data Share.

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