If you would like to access your Funnel data in a Snowflake data warehouse, you can do so by setting up an export to a Cloud Object Storage. Depending on where you host your Snowflake instance, that would be either AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage or Google Cloud Storage. You can then automatically load the exported files into Snowflake. Funnel's Data Warehouse connectors can export all your data, so once you receive files to your bucket all you need to do is configure the auto ingestion. 

We recommend using Snowflake's Snowpipe feature to automate the loading of new files. Follow the steps bellow. 

Setup a Funnel export

Find out where you host your instance of Snowflake and setup a Funnel export to that destination. if it's on AWS you will need to setup a S3 export by following these simple instructions, other destinations are similar. 

Once the export has been setup you need to do one final edit. For the automation to work, Funnel needs to export unique files for each export run. This can be done by editing your export setup and adding {runId} to the file name template.

Setup an automated Snowpipe 

You can now setup Snowpipe to automatically load data from S3 into you Snowflake data warehouse using Amazon SQS notifications for your S3 bucket. Instructions for AWS S3 can be found here.

If you're hosting on Azure, the instructions for Azure Blob Storage can be found here

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