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Sharing Funnel data to Google BigQuery

How to set up Funnel for sharing data to Google BigQuery

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The Data Warehouse Share to Google BigQuery automatically syncs the data in your Funnel account to Google BigQuery. All you have to do is connect your ad accounts to Funnel, as usual, set up a BigQuery project with write access for Funnel, and enable the export.

Share configuration

In Funnel, select "Data Warehouse" in the left-hand side navigation and click the "New Share" button to set up a new Share.

Choose Google BigQuery as the destination for your Share and enter a name.

Google Cloud Project

You will need to grant Funnel access to your Google Cloud Project according to the article Google BigQuery Dataset configuration.

Enter the ID of your Google Cloud Project. 

Funnel will by default create a Dataset for you, using the name of your account, but this can be configured. With account name 'Showcase demo' the Dataset will be named Funnel_export_showcase_demo.

See the linked article for more on this.

Table options

Here you can select either 'Single' or 'Multiple' table sharing and also change the name of the table(s) created.

We recommend using 'Single table' when possible, read more in the article BigQuery Table_Options.

Test your BigQuery configuration

Once you have entered your details you should verify that everything is correctly set up by clicking the 'Test access' button.

Choose data to share

Next, you should click the Choose fields button in order to select which dimensions and metrics to include in your shared data.

You can change the date range and restrict the data by changing the Date range and Filter data settings.

We only re-export months with data that has changed in Funnel since the last export, if you want to see all the specific conditions please read the Best practices when setting up a Data Warehouse Share in Funnel article.

In the 'Choose currency' section you can decide if you want monetary values converted to a specific currency or use the original currency in which the values are reported. 

Finally, choose a schedule for when the Data Share should be run.

When you are done, click 'Save'.

Enable the Share

Once everything is set up you can review your configuration. If it looks good, you need to enable the Share by toggling the Enabled switch in the top right-hand corner. The Share will start running according to the schedule you specified.

Manually running the Share

In case you wish to verify that everything works as intended you can click the Run now button.

After successful sharing, you can find your Funnel data in Google BigQuery.

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