In the field picker in the data warehouse export section, you will notice that some metrics have a ‘blocked’ sign which indicate that you can’t export this metric. If you hover over the symbol you will get to know why and we’ll also explain the reason for this here.

There are some important differences between formula metrics and rule metrics that are key to understanding why you are not able to export the formula metrics. In short, this depends on how these metrics are calculated and the format in which your data is exported to a data warehouse.

The value of a rule metric is calculated for each row of raw data in Funnel, prior to aggregating the result.

The value of a formula metric is calculated after aggregating the underlying data.

When your data is exported from Funnel, no grouping occurs. This means that your exported dataset will contain one row for each row of raw data in Funnel, regardless of which fields you select in your export. Formula metrics can therefore not be exported since it makes no sense to calculate them for each row of raw data.

A common use case for formula metrics is calculating rates, percentages and ratios. If you are looking to do this with the data in your data warehouse, perform the calculation in your data warehouse or visualization tool after aggregating the data (by grouping it per day, week, channel, etc).

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