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Sharing Funnel data to AWS QuickSight
Sharing Funnel data to AWS QuickSight

Export to QuickSight via S3 using a manifest file

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Create a new Data Share to S3 in Funnel

  1. Select the QuickSight manifest as the Summary file format.
    This is manifest file supported by QuickSight, see their documentation here.

  2. Select CSV as file format

  3. Save, enable and then run the export

Select QuickSight manifest as the file type and then select the name you want for the file (we will add the .json suffix).

See this article for more details about setting up an S3 export:

Connect QuickSight with your S3 bucket

  1. Create the S3 bucket in same region as your QuickSight instance

  2. Go to Manage account for QuickSight and give it access to your S3 bucket

Create a data source in QuickSight

Open the QuickSight manifest file that has been exported to your S3 bucket and copy the S3 URI. Then input that when creating a data source in QuickSight like the image below.

In the details for the data set go to the Refresh tab and create a refresh schedule to regularly get the updates from the S3 export.


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