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Why does the data source say 'Invalid credentials'?
Why does the data source say 'Invalid credentials'?

This article explains the error message 'Invalid credentials' and how to get rid of it.

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The error message 'Invalid credentials' is shown when one of your platforms has trouble connecting due to the provided credentials being incorrect. The error message comes from the ad platform directly, and not from Funnel, which means that you need to take action on this error message in order to get rid of it. The troubleshooting should always start with testing your credentials on the platform itself. 

Complete the steps in this list to make sure that there's no confusion regarding what exact credentials that are valid:

  • Write down the username and password (and API-token if applicable) in an open text file so that you can see the symbols

  • Copy and paste these into the login of the platform

  • If these are valid - make a reconnect of the ad account in Funnel where you copy the credentials from the text file

If you still get the same error message when connecting, please reach out to our support team and let us know for what account you are experiencing the problem. 

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