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How to Troubleshoot Common Custom Connector Errors
How to Troubleshoot Common Custom Connector Errors

Master troubleshooting for Custom Connectors: Identify issues, troubleshoot errors, and manage data overwrite/deletion.

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What is a Custom Connector

In addition to Funnel's extensive library of Core Connectors, which are a core part of the Funnel platform, users can also leverage Custom Connectors to, in many cases, import data from any platforms or systems not already supported out-of-the-box.

This allows you to connect your unique data sources to Funnel through a Custom Connector - built by Integration Engineering, exclusively for you. For more information on Custom Connectors, please visit Custom Connectors Intro.

Custom Connectors are available for the following plans: Business and Enterprise. See our Pricing page for more details.

How to Check the Status of a Custom Connector

The Data Sources tab of your Funnel Workspace(s) includes a column called STATUS. If you do not see this column, please select Choose columns and toggle on Status.

What Does Each Status Mean?

  • OK: The Custom Connector is operating as intended.

  • No Access: The Custom Connector is experiencing connection issues, possibly due to outdated or invalid credentials, and/or modified access permissions.

  • Downloading: The Custom Connector is actively retrieving new data.

  • Error: An obstacle is hindering the import of new data for the Custom Connector.

Common Custom Connector Errors and How to Troubleshoot them

The File Structure Being Sent to Funnel Has Changed

This error is relevant for Custom Connectors receiving data with the following export options: Email, SFTP

Custom Connectors are set up to receive reports based on your specifications. If the received file deviates from the expected format (e.g., change in file extensions like CSV/XLSX or updated fields), the import process halts, assuming it's an incorrect file.

The Solution

For Email and PUSH SFTP Custom Connectors (where Funnel hosts the SFTP Server):

If you encounter an errant file, please contact us through support for resolution. To update the Custom Connector to process the corrected file, kindly submit a Custom Connector Request.

For PULL SFTP Custom Connectors (where Funnel retrieves files from an externally hosted SFTP Server):

As Funnel doesn't alter externally hosted SFTP servers, for clearing/updating errant files, we request you to contact the responsible party managing the SFTP Server. If you intend to update the Custom Connector for the revised file, please submit a Custom Connector Request.

The Size of the File Being Sent to Funnel is too Large

This error is relevant for Custom Connectors receiving data with the following export options: Email, SFTP

Each Data Source seamlessly processes files up to 500 MB in size. While Funnel can sometimes ingest files larger than 500 MB, ensuring successful ingestion is best achieved by keeping files at or below the recommended 500 MB limit.

The Solution

If your file surpasses the 500 MB limit, we advise splitting the data daily. If any of the resulting daily files still prove to be too large, kindly contact us through support, and we will gladly offer guidance on the most effective way to proceed.

Multiple Files Are Being Sent to Funnel in the Same Email

This error is relevant for Custom Connectors receiving data with the following export options: Email

Each Custom Connector processes only one file per email. If multiple files are included in a single email, the Custom Connector will not import any files, as it lacks a designated order for importing them.

The Solution

If multiple files have been sent in a single email to a Custom Connector, kindly contact support to have the Integration Engineering team clear the email. If you require assistance in sending multiple files to Funnel, please reach out to us through support, and we will guide you on the optimal approach.

The Credentials and/or Permissions Have Been Updated

This error is relevant for Custom Connectors receiving data with the following export options: SFTP, Internal Database, API

Many Custom Connectors necessitate credentials and/or specific permissions for Funnel to access your data. If there are updates to these credentials or permissions, the Custom Connector will cease importing data.

The Solution

If your credentials are scheduled to be or have been updated, kindly contact us through support. We will facilitate a secure method for you to share the updated credentials. Please refrain from sharing credentials in plain text for security reasons.

What if I am still Experiencing Issues with my Custom Connector

If the error persists despite the solutions provided in this article, feel free to contact us through support. We'll gladly assist you in determining the best next steps to troubleshoot your Custom Connector issues.

Data Mismatches

In case of a data mismatch in your Custom Connector, refer to our article on "Data Mismatches in Custom Connectors" for guidance. Alternatively, don't hesitate to contact us through support, and we'll be delighted to assist you!

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