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Custom Connectors Intro

Learn about Funnel's Custom Connectors: custom-made integrations from your unique data source into Funnel.

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Custom Connectors are custom-made integrations from your unique data source into Funnel, and are built and maintained by the Integration Engineering Team. Custom Connectors are available e.g. for platforms not included in Funnel's extensive library of Core Connectors.

Custom Connectors are available for the following plans: Business and Enterprise. See our Pricing page for more details.

Custom Connectors Solve Your Unique Data Needs

  • Retrieve data from virtually any platform with a Custom Connector built exclusively for you. We have experience building for many hundreds of platforms!

  • Integration Engineering works with you to discover your use case and needs, and builds to your requirements

  • Integration Engineering proactively monitors, updates, and manages the Custom Connector for the life of the contract

  • We pride ourselves on rapid response times and have time-to-completion averages that are the very best in the industry

Unique Capabilities

While the Core Connectors are built for scalability and solving common use cases, Custom Connectors have additional capabilities. For example, you can:

  • Customize a flexible data refresh window

  • Import data that isn't primarily keyed on a date dimension (dateless data)

  • Handle unconventional file structures

Potential Limitations

  • While we have a very high win rate for Custom Connector builds against an ever-growing number of platforms, we can’t guarantee we can build everything!

  • Some platforms limit the data provided in exports versus what you can see inside the platform.

  • Data volumes need to be within Funnel's Fair usage policy

  • We’re bound by platform Terms of Services and so sometimes cannot offer certain types of data.

How to Prepare for a Custom Connector Request

Kindly be aware that the Integration Engineering team is unable to confirm the feasibility of your request in advance. To assess the viability of a Custom Connector, we kindly request you to furnish us with any available information in your submission. For detailed guidance on the prerequisites for a Custom Connector Request, please refer to the following article: "How to Prepare for a Custom Connector Request."

How to Request a Custom Connector

Please see this article for more details: How do I Request New Data in Funnel?

How to Track a Custom Connector Request

For monitoring a Custom Connector Request, kindly proceed to the Custom Connector Requests page located within the Data Sources tab of your Funnel Workspace. If you seek a deeper understanding of the various statuses and their implications, refer to the following article: "Tracking a Custom Connector Request" for comprehensive information.

How to Make Changes to a Custom Connector

To have changes made to a Custom Connector please submit a new Custom Connector Request with the following information:

  • What changes need to be applied?
    Please attach an example of the updated report(s) if possible. If the Custom Connector is using a query to retrieve data (e.g. from Google BigQuery), please provide the updated query.

  • Which source(s) do these changes need to be applied to?
    An easy way to identify a source is by its Data Source ID. You can find this information as a Dimension in the Funnel Data Explorer, underneath the Data Source drop-down menu.

How to add Additional Data Sources for a Custom Connector

If you need additional sources for an existing Custom Connector, please submit a Custom Connector request and tell us the following:

  • What existing Custom Connector do you need additional data sources for?

    Please provide the name of the Custom Connector that you need additional data sources for.

  • What data source(s) do you require?
    For cases where you need more than one additional data source added for a Custom Connector, please provide details for each additional source.

  • Which Funnel workspace(s) the new data source(s) should be added to
    By default, the Integration Engineers will connect any new data sources in the same Funnel workspace you submitted the Custom Connector Request from.

Troubleshooting a Custom Connector

To address common errors associated with Custom Connectors, consult the following article: "Troubleshooting Common Custom Connector Errors" for comprehensive guidance.

Handling Data Mismatches for a Custom Connector

To manage data mismatches within Custom Connectors, refer to the insights provided in the following article: "Resolving Data Mismatches in Custom Connectors."

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