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Data Mismatches in Custom Connectors
Data Mismatches in Custom Connectors

Learn how to: verify, fix, or remove a data discrepancy in a Custom Connector.

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What is a Custom Connector

In addition to Funnel's extensive library of Core Connectors, which are a core part of the Funnel platform, users can also leverage Custom Connectors to, in many cases, import data from any platforms or systems not already supported out-of-the-box.

This allows you to connect your unique data sources to Funnel through a Custom Connector - built by Integration Engineering, exclusively for you. For more information on Custom Connectors, please visit Custom Connectors Intro.

Custom Connectors are available for the following plans: Business and Enterprise. See our Pricing page for more details.

Mismatches in Custom Connectors

Before investigating a data discrepancy within a Custom Connector, please verify the STATUS. Should the STATUS indicate anything other than OK, kindly refer to the following article for comprehensive assistance in troubleshooting errors related to Custom Connectors: How to Troubleshoot Common Custom Connector Errors.

Please be aware that data ingestion will remain suspended until the underlying error has been successfully addressed.

The Status of the Custom Connector is OK but the Data is Wrong

Overwriting Data for a Custom Connector

Please note that most Custom Connectors key on date. For more information, please see the following article on How Funnel Treats Dates.

Custom Connectors that Key on Date

In instances where you encounter inaccuracies in the data, we advise attempting to resend the data accurately, if feasible. Please be sure to include the entire dataset for the provided date range.

Custom Connectors that Don't Key on Date

For more information on Custom Connectors that do not use date as the primary key, please see the following help article: Single Partition Data Sources. For instances where a Custom Connector that doesn't key on a date is inaccurate, we recommend resending a file with the correct data you wish to see in Funnel.

Deleting Data for a Custom Connector

Please note that deleting data from a Custom Connector is not possible. However, you can achieve a similar result by overwriting data with null values. For a more in-depth guide on how to execute this, refer to the following article: Overwriting date ranges in a Custom Connector

In situations where this proves challenging or unsuccessful, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for guidance from the Integration Engineering experts.

What if the Custom Connector isn't Being Updated by Me

For Custom Connectors involving data push to Funnel (via email, SFTP), kindly contact the individual responsible for file transmission to identify the cause of data inaccuracy, if possible. If not, please reach out to our support team, enabling one of our Integration Engineers to assist in a more in-depth investigation of the data mismatch.

For Custom Connectors where Funnel pulls the data on your behalf (through API, Internal Database, Cloud Storage, Reporting Interface), please contact our support team. This will facilitate the involvement of one of our Integration Engineers in conducting a thorough investigation into any data discrepancies.

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