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Tracking a Custom Connector Request
Tracking a Custom Connector Request

Discover how to: verify successful submission; check the status of your request; grasp the expected timeline for a Custom Connector.

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How to Confirm the Integration Engineering Team Received Your Request

After submitting your Custom Connector request, you should see the following to confirm successful submission.

Subsequently, the email address provided in the request submission will receive an email confirming that the team received your request. If you are unable to locate this email, we recommend checking your spam folder.

If you have trouble with any of the steps above, please reach out to support for assistance from the Integration Engineering Team.

When to Expect a Response from Integration Engineering

Integration Engineering services Custom Connector requests in the order they are received. On average our first response time is within one week from the submission date. This can vary based on demand and the complexity of recently submitted Custom Connector requests. Providing as much detail as possible in your submission helps the team move quickly.

Finding the Custom Connector Requests Page

All Custom Connector requests can be tracked from the Custom Connector Requests page. To find the Custom Connector Requests page, navigate to the Data Sources tab of the Funnel workspace to which the request was submitted.

Custom Connector Requests Statuses


Your Custom Connector request has been received and someone from the team will reach out to you from Please provide as much detail as possible in your submission. Please note Integration Engineering may have follow-up questions for you or the platform before being able to start development.


Your Custom Connector request is in progress and the team is responsible for next steps. If you haven't heard from the Integration Engineering team, they are likely doing some investigation before reaching out. To confirm, please reach out to us via support.

Waiting for response

The Integration Engineering team has sent a response and requires feedback before moving the request forward. Please note that after 7 days without a response, the team will send you a friendly reminder that they haven't heard from you. If you are unable to provide the feedback necessary in the allotted time, no worries, we will close the request for now and you can resubmit as soon as you are ready!


If a Custom Connector request is closed to allow more time for discovery, it will be listed as Cancelled. When you are ready to continue the investigation and have the necessary details, please submit a new Custom Connector request and we will pick up where we left off previously. If you need more details on why a request was placed in this status, please reach out to us via support and we are happy to assist. Please provide the ID for the Cancelled Custom Connector request if possible.


Your Custom Connector request has been completed and you should see new data in Funnel! πŸŽ‰ Once a Custom Connector request is completed, we ask that you direct any support questions to support for a faster turnaround time. For any changes or additional Data Sources, please submit a new Custom Connector request.

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