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How do I request new data in Funnel?
How do I request new data in Funnel?

Learn how to: request data from a platform not in the Funnel App; request a Custom Connector; give us feedback/requests for a Core Connector

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  1. Custom Connectors

    1. Custom Connectors Listed in-app

    2. How to request Custom Connector in-app

    3. How to request Custom Connector not in-app

  2. How to request new data for Core Connector

    1. What to expect

  3. How to view Custom Connector offerings for Non Business or Enterprise plans

Custom Connectors Intro

Custom Connectors are custom-made integrations from your unique data source into Funnel, created and maintained by the Integration Engineering team.

Custom Connectors and the Custom Connector Request feature are available in the following plans: Business and Enterprise. See our Pricing page for more details.

Custom Connectors Shown in the Funnel App

Custom Connectors are now listed on the Connect Data Source page of your workspace(s)! You can display or hide the Custom Connectors with a toggle.

How to request a Custom Connector listed in the Funnel App

Many Custom Connectors are shown in the Funnel App. To request one simply click on the card with the platform name you are interested in.

Guide for Requesting Custom Connector in-app

  1. To set up your Custom Connector we need some details from you. If you have an example report and/or screenshot of the data you require from the Custom Connector, select the "Choose a file" option and add the information. If not, select "Next"

  2. Now do your best to tell us what data you need and how you plan to use it. If a screenshot or example file was provided in the previous step, this information doesn't need to be extensive.

    There is a checkbox to confirm no usernames and/or passwords are included in the text box. The next step will ask you for your credentials!

  3. You will now be prompted to enter your requested platform's credentials. If you don't have any, or if you are unsure what credentials are needed, please select "Next". You will have the option to add credentials after the request submission if necessary.

  4. The next step will ask to provide an email address for communicating with the Integration Engineering team

  5. Lastly, you will see a summary of your Custom Connector submission. Assuming all looks good, "Submit"!

  6. Once you click Submit, you will see the following

How to request Custom Connector not in-app

While Funnel does include many Custom Connectors in our application, we can service many more not listed. There are two places that you can submit a Custom Connector Request from; the "+ Connect Data Source" and "Custom Connector Requests" buttons in the Data Sources tab of your workspace.

From "+ Connect Data Source"

The following options will be displayed if the platform isn't listed as Custom or Core. You can type "Custom Connector" to get the same results.

You will now be prompted with a series of questions to help the Integration Engineering team understand your data needs. Please provide as much information as possible to help speed up the request. If you have any questions regarding what data is possible and/or how to get the data from the respective platform, we ask that you reach out to the platform support for clarity.

From "Custom Connector Requests"

If this is your first request from this workspace you will see a "+ Submit your first request" button.

Any previous or current Custom Connector Request submissions will be listed in Custom Connector Requests. You will also see the "+ New Custom Connector request" button to submit additional requests.

For more information on the Custom Connector Requests page see Custom Connector Requests Stages in Funnel

How to request new data for a Core Connector

We value your feedback for enhancements to our Core Connectors. You can submit feedback by doing the following:

Guide to submitting Core Connector Feedback

  1. Click "+ Connect Data Source"

  2. Scroll to the bottom or type "Core Connector Feedback"

  3. Enter your email and click "Next"

  4. You will be prompted with some questions regarding your data needs. Please be sure to provide as much context as possible.

  5. Click "Submit"

What to expect

For information on how Funnel handles Core Connector Feedback, please view the following article. Please reach out to support with any additional questions.

How to view Custom Connector offerings for Non Business or Enterprise plans

The Data Connectors page allows you to list the platforms you can connect to by Connector types and/or By use case. Select "Custom" to display only Custom Connectors

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