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Custom Connector Request Stages in Funnel
Custom Connector Request Stages in Funnel

What to expect when you've submitted a Custom Connector request.

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When you have submitted your Custom Connector request you can follow the progress of it in the Custom Connectors page, accessible from the Data Sources tab in the Funnel app.

The different stages are detailed below.


Your Custom Connector request has been received and someone from the team will reach out to you from to get it started. Depending on how detailed your request is upon submission, we may have questions for you or the platform, before we're able to start development.


Your Custom Connector request has been picked up and the team are actively working on it. In most cases, this is done alongside you and/or the platform, to ensure that the request is completed to your specifications.


If a Custom Connector request for any reason is unable to be completed, either by being unfeasible or not ready to be worked on, the ticket will be shown here. For any questions about the reason why, please reach out to Funnel Support.

In the event of a Custom Connector request being cancelled due to unresponsiveness on your end, you can always resubmit it through the request form and refer to the previous Ticket ID. We will be able to pick the request right back up where we left it!


Your Custom Connector request has been completed and you should see new data in Funnel! 🎉

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