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Unable to show your data - "Too many rows"

Why do I receive this error message in the Data Explorer?

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When using Funnel's Data Explorer, you may have received an error message which states that the data is unable to be displayed like the example below:

This message is usually displayed when there's lots of data in your account and you are trying to view too much at the same time. Funnel can process up to 100,000 rows per query in the Data Explorer, if the number of rows exceeds this threshold the “Query to large” message will show up. Note that even when filtering the data in the web browser, Funnel still queries the entire dataset in order to show the filtered data and allow you to quickly change the filters.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to decrease the number of rows that Funnel queries in order to display your data:

Shortening the date range

If you're using a large date range, 2 years for example, simply selecting a shorter period may resolve the issue.

Using fewer dimensions

When using a large number of dimensions simultaneously it increases the amount of data which Funnel has to go through. If you remove a dimension or two, your data may display as expected. This all depends on the dimensions you remove. Let's take a look at an example below:

When just viewing the date and currency dimensions, Funnel only needs to query 3 rows of data:

When adding the media type dimension, the number of rows increases to 15 rows :

Adding the campaign dimension on top of this increase the number of rows drastically:

Removing the campaign dimension in this example would significantly decrease the number of rows that Funnel needs to query.

Adding conditions

In some cases the solutions mentioned above are not applicable or not enough, in this case you can try to apply some conditions that can in some cases decrease the number of rows needs to be queried.

To add conditions simply click on the conditions and limits button in the toolbar:

Then you have to select Data matching rules and add your conditions, for instance you can get the rows that have Campaign contains the word Hats or Caps:

Click Load Data to apply the changes and fetch the result:

In this case we succeeded to decrease the result down to 6 rows:

Applying limits

Another way to make your query more efficient is to add a limit to the query.
For example, a limit of 10 tells Funnel to pick the first 10 rows from a dataset that is ordered by a given field.

Be aware that limits cannot be applied if the chart is turned on

Too add a limit click on the conditions and limit button in the toolbar:

Then under the limit section select Yes, input the number of rows and select a metric to sort on:

Then apply the changes to load new data


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