"There are too many exports running at the same time belonging to this account"

This error occurs when you have too many exports scheduled at the same time in the same account. The reason behind this is that every account can only make a limited amount of queries per minute.

To avoid this error you can

  • Schedule the exports at different times, just offsetting with a couple of minutes can help

  • Enable "Only export periods with updated data" on the exports

  • Decrease the date range of the export

  • Disable or delete unused exports

"This export contains a data source ... with too much data"

A data source in the export contains too much data to be able to be exported. The data source likely exceeds our Fair usage policy for what amount of data is allowed per day.

To avoid this error you can either

  • "Edit configuration" of the data source in the Data Sources page to include less data (eg. fewer dimensions)

  • Exclude it by filtering out the data source from the Funnel export

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