In order to make meaningful historical comparisons of your data, it makes sense to have data from a discontinued ad account or ad platform archived in your Funnel account. If you're no longer advertising on a specific platform or using a certain Google Analytics view but you want to keep the historical data, all you need to do is select the "Disable import" option. 

This will disable any errors for the connection you want to "archive", which can be helpful if Funnel is prompting you to reconnect an ad account that is no longer active
or you no longer have access to. If you wish to resume downloading at a later point, simply select "Enable import".

If you want to temporarily hide a data source from Funnel's Data Explorer and exports, check out the article about the option Don't use data in Funnel.

How to disable/enable imports

There are 3 ways to disable or enable import of data sources.

  1. Via the actions menu. First select the sources you want to edit and then click "Disable import" button in the Actions menu

  2. Via single source actions. Click the icon on the right side of the table. there you can find a disable or enable import button.

  3. Via the data source details page. By clicking on the name of a data source you will be shown this page. Here the is also a toggle which lets you enable or disable imports for a data source

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