Funnel's BigQuery connector lets you export your Funnel data to a BigQuery Dataset of your choice. This guide will cover what you need to do in your Google Cloud Console in order for Funnel to be able to export data there.

Before you get started you need a Google Cloud Project with billing enabled


When authenticating you can select either a Google account (via OAuth) or a service account. The first option is recommended unless you don't want to tie the authentication to one user.

Use a Google Account

The Google user that you use to authenticate with needs access to Google Cloud Storage (GCS) and BigQuery and billing need to be enabled in your Google project. The reason why we need GCS access as well is that we first put the files in a bucket that we create, transfer the files from there to BigQuery and then delete the files.

Service account to whitelist

When setting up an export it will list what service account you give access to, it depends on what instance of Funnel you are using.

Grant our Service account access to your Google Cloud Project

Go to and select your project. Add the Funnel service account from the table above with the role "BigQuery User".

Configure a BigQuery dataset

Funnel can create a dataset for you. If you don't want this behaviour you can manage the dataset yourself by disabling 'Let Funnel create Dataset'.

Give service account access to your own dataset

If you choose to manage the dataset yourself and are using the service account authentication you need to grant Funnel access to it.

Go to and create a new dataset.

After creating the dataset, select the dataset and press "Share dataset". 

Add the Funnel service account found in the table above with the "BigQuery Data Owner" role.

All done!

Having completed the two steps above you can now configure your Funnel export to send data to this BigQuery Dataset. Do this from within your Funnel account.

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