View creation failed

If you get the warning below when looking at an export job in Funnel then you have tables in your dataset with mismatching definitions.

view creation failed in Funnel

This means that all your data has been exported but no view has been created. The view creation is optional and can be selected in your export configuration.

Create BigQuery view selection in Funnel

If you still want Funnel to create and update the view for you then this issue is easily solved by either manually editing/removing the old tables or (re-)exporting the period that causes the issue.

For example if you add a new field to the export and your export only includes the last 3 months but you have 6 months of data in your dataset. Then you can temporarily reconfigure it to export 6 months, untick "Only export periods with updated data" and then press "Run job" to re-export all your data and get a working BigQuery view.

Distributed query rate limit exceeded

This means that too many of your exports were started at the same time.

It can be solved by limiting the amount of data that is being exported and/or editing the export's schedules to start at different times.

Data missing because of table expiration

If you manually set a table expiration or if you created your dataset in the BigQuery sandbox you will see the the "Default table expiration" being set. This means that all tables in this dataset will default to deleting data older than 60 days (in this case).

To solve this make sure billing is enabled and create a new dataset without setting table expiration.

Permission issues

Make sure that you have:

  • given Funnel's service account the BigQuery User permission to the project

  • given Funnel service account the BigQuery Data Owner permission to the dataset if you created the dataset yourself

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