To make your connections in Funnel, select Data Sources under Import in the left hand navigation menu:

Hit + Data Sources to open up the connections list. You will now be able to choose between adding tracking or advertising platform connections. Keep in mind that any non advertising platforms may only be available for an additional fee. Please contact support for further information.

Google Analytics

Connecting Google Analytics is done in 3 steps:

  1. Select what Google user to authenticate with

  2. Give Funnel permission to access your data

  3. Select what Google Analytics views to connect

Now, it's time to connect to your advertising platforms!

Ad platforms

Again, hit + Data Sources to open up the connection list popup:

Find the advertising platform you want to connect and follow the instructions. Remember that you can search for your platforms in the filter input field.
How to connect may vary depending on how Funnel integrates with each platform. 

Each Google Analytics View and Advertising Platform you add will be listed on the Data Sources page. You can see their respective status, remove them, as well as reconnect them if necessary.

If you can't find the connector that you're looking for, you can upload your own data with our powerful File Importer (manually or via scheduled emails), Google Sheet Importer or request a Custom Data Source!

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